OZZigami is PaperCraft. But it’s not Origami ! It uses a unique technique we devised ourselves.
Both layers of Peel-& Stick materials are used in ways that make beautiful 3-D model-making easy.
Plato’s Jewels


Cover of our book,
which teaches OZZigami
construction, & explores
attributes of the 5 Platonic
(Truly Regular) Solids.

The 5 Finished Solids.
Easy to make with our unique
Peel-&-Stick technique!
Turn into a glittering,
fascinating MOBILE
Sticks etc available with Kits

Lovely to Look At , Delightful to Hold . . . .


Unique, clever, easy, useful, adaptable Manual Skills,
and responsibility in each child for his/her own craftwork ,
using techniques at which all children revel, and so succeed . . .


Feelings of frustration through failure ,
even in youngsters who are often offside at school,


much serious learning,
animated and sustained discussion,,
and aesthetic considerations too !
Teachers derive their deepest satisfaction from seeing
the light of delighted comprehension
and the glow of achievement
in the pupils of their pupils.
. . . THAT’s what OZZigami is all about!

World Map Projections


Above : World Map Projections of our own
devising: Nets for all 5 Platonic Solids,
Plus our uniquely-constructed Sphere.
The 5 geometrical maps ‘read’ whilst flat,
then PEEL-and-STICK to become 3-D forms
Gores of SPHERE are joined by inter-locking
our unique fiddley-hooks at tips.
Perfect arrangement!

Right : Finished 3-D World Maps.
(Facets in contact with scanner show
more clearly than ones angled away.)
Now, the 6 different shapes
turn readily into a beautiful,
thought-provoking MOBILE.
(Sticks etc extras included with kits.)