OZZigami is PaperCraft. But it's not Origami !
It uses a unique technique we devised ourselves.
Both layers of Peel-&-Stick materials are used
in ways that make beautiful 3-D model-making easy.
Plato’s Jewels


“Free-Viewing” 3-D Objects in 3-D

View the twin images in "true" 3-D by "gazing" as for "Magic Eye" Stereograms.

From close up, stare through the two photos, with your eyes de-focussed . . .
A third image magically appears ! - And this middle one is in photographic 3-D !

Now, keep your eyes fixed straight ahead, avoid blinking, but find your own range,
moving the image away from you with a slide-trombone motion.

Then you can look all around, through a magical window of perception,
into a crystal-clear, 3-D space!

[ For more help with “gazing” technique, and more 3-D images, see 3-D Pix.]
Plato’s Jewels comprises a set of nets for the 5 regular Polyhedra in
the rainbow-glittering Peel’n’Stick material called Spectrochrome,
and includes a fine little educational companion booklet, with 3-D Images too.
Steeped in Maths, myths and mystery, these polyhedra, are easy to make,
of superb appearance when finished, and they have received brilliant reviews from educators.
Plato's Jewels are "piece of cake" - No cutting and no glueing !
They’re pre-cut and pre-adhesive – All that do them love the do-ing -
They’re aesthetic - educational - They're truly wondrous things,
They throw brilliant rainbows from the sun when hung on nylon strings.

Plato’s Planets


Our own World Map Projections, which Peel’n’Stick to make all 5 Platonic Solids.

Kit includes our own beaut new way to join globe gores to make a near-Sphere !

Viewed flat or folded Plato’s Planets are unbelievably beautiful.