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Cover of our book,  which teaches OZZigami construction, & explores attributes of the 5 Platonic
(Truly Regular) Solids.
The 5 Finished Solids. F
Easy to make with our unique
Peel-&-Stick technique!
Turn into a glittering,
fascinating MOBILE.


Does Your School PASS
the “Glad I’m Here” Test?
For many years a teacher,
I believe that education should be FUN.
Only then is learning optimal, and besides, why not?
There is an easy test as to whether schools are making life enjoyable
for those under compulsion. The answer just demands honesty.
Q. Are most children at your school truly glad
when it’s a school day?
( H’mmm . . ! . . )
And . . . er . . . What about the Teachers . . ?
For all your sakes,
do something really new,
genuinely challenging,
and great fun -
Do some OZZigami !
Lovely to Look At , Delightful to Hold . . . .
Unique, clever, easy, useful, adaptable Manual Skills,
and responsibility in each child for his/her own craftwork ,
using techniques at which all children revel, and so succeed . . .
Feelings of frustration through failure ,
even in youngsters who are often offside at school,
much serious learning,
animated and sustained discussion,,
and aesthetic considerations too !


Above : World Map Projections of our own devising: Nets for all 5 Platonic Solids,
Plus our uniquely-constructed Sphere.
The 5 geometrical maps ‘read’ whilst flat,
then PEEL-and-STICK to become 3-D forms
Gores of SPHERE are joined by inter-locking our unique fiddley-hooks at tips.
Perfect arrangement!
Right : Finished 3-D World Maps.0 (Facets in contact with scanner show more clearly than ones angled away.)
Now, the 6 different shapes
turn readily into a beautiful,
thought-provoking MOBILE.
(Sticks et extras included with kits.)


OZZigami — PaperCraft As Never Before
Get in touch and find out why
our own original PaperCraft technique
The Modelling Method of the MM Millennium!


Beautiful-illustrated, Educational
Fun Verse
“In the inland, though wild cats and foxes abound,
We few long eared pouched mammals still may be found;
My close cousin’s lost: My own species will be
Unless you help us now !”
Very truly,
B. Bilby
Brucie the Bilby is a feisty, eloquent Champion of Native Mammal Rights.
To put their case to YOU-Mans ,
he translates verse from their native tongues into English.
They don’t mince their words, neither.
Ferals Beware !
Net-Surfin’ Natives are on the Warpath !
This is a very special little book.
It’s highly educational, so it deserves a look-in here.
12 Native Animals each write a verse
about its habits and survival problems.
Here is an example by one of the best-known of all:
(phascolarctos cinereus)
“Koala” means “No-Drink”-
Please don’t call us “Bear” !
We’re so much more special, it just isn’t fair !
With two “thumbs” per ‘hand’, we can’t run well, you see,
So we climb, eat and sleep up a Eucalypt tree !

OZZIGAMI - Dedicated to Excellence in Education