3D Pix

“Free-Viewing” in 3D

View the twin images in "true" 3-D by "gazing" as for "Magic Eye" Stereograms.

From close up, stare through the two photos, with your eyes de-focussed . . .

A third image magically appears ! - And this middle one is in photographic 3-D !

Now, keep your eyes fixed straight ahead, avoid blinking, but find your own range,

moving the image away from you with a slide-trombone motion.

Then you can look all around, through a magical window of perception, into a crystal-clear, 3-D space!


D                        D
The Real Thing in 3-D
Bilbo Bilby with Pru At Warrawong
Ordinary Chess Set ~
Extraordinary Board !
You can see the sparkle in the
crystal vase, and the shine of the
dewdrops on the roses.
Remarkable PaperCraft
falcon-like aircraft toy
which flies at 100+ kph